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For sale LPL C7700 darkroom enlarger, Schneider 100mm F5.6 lens, Ilford paper.

Due to the purchase of a De Vere 507, for sale is one of the best home enlargers made. I’ve made 20” exhibition prints on this enlarger, as well as 5"x7” prints and the quality is stunning.
Included in the sale is;
1.LPL Colour C7700 pro colour enlarger (still available new at £1029), enlarger has been in storage for the past 10 years. Not a mint example, probably around 7/10, all works fine, a bit of paint missing around the neg carrier and an odd mark on the base board but all works as it should. Includes transformer and Stag darkroom timer.

2.LPL Negative carriers for 35mm and 6x6. The 6x6 carrier has been modified so it can print the neg rebate.
3.Box of Ilford multigrade III 10"x8” paper (approx 80 sheets left) and a box of Jessops RC 10"x8” paper (approx10 sheets left.) These boxes are around 15 years old so no guarantee they are not fogged, they are probably best used for test shots only.

4. Schneider Kreuznach Componon S 100mm F5.6 enlarging lens. Like most Schneider lenses, has a case of Schneideritis, dust is also visible inside the lens.

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