February archive picture of the month

Image from 1993 which won the prestigious Ilford/SKY/Professional Photographer award for excellence.
The picture of a car dealership in Wilmslow, Cheshire, was also exhibited 3ftx3ft at that years photographers trade show, Focus, held at the NEC, Birmingham.

Annual donation to carbon offset projects

Image from a forthcoming book.

For the 8th year I’m donating a percentage of my turnover to help offset my carbon footprint.
This year the money donated will go towards Hydro power generation in Brazil and wind power generation in India.

Images from 2010

Some of my favourite pictures taken this year.
Slideshow shows a selection of commercial commissioned photography and personal work.


Kodachrome 64

After a month of waiting, my last roll of Kodak Kodachrome has finally arrived from America.
The quality has probably long since been surpassed, but there is look to Kodachrome that you just can’t get from other films.
Here are a few selected photographs taken around the West Midlands.


December archive picture of the month

This one is from early on in my career, 1996. I was lucky enough to work for an editor who loved
to see pictures which were not setup, and captured the atmosphere of an event.
The girl pictured, who was about to perform at a music festival in Macclesfield, shows a mixture of
nerves and concentration.