Toyo 5×4 update at St Ives


After a few teething problems I’m finally getting results I’m happy with from the Toyo 5×4 (See previous entry). It has been 11 years since I shot film on a regular basis and I’ve adjusted my working style to get the most out of digital.
Above is a recent picture taken during a short visit to St Ives in Cornwall. Shooting Kodak Ektar 100, exposure was 4 minutes at f45, after allowing for reciprocity.
I’ve been working hard on one of my personal projects which I’m aiming to finish soon , but I’m finding it hard to walk away from it as I keep seeing suitable locations.
Technically operating the Toyo hasn’t been a problem. I’ve settled on using Kodak Ektar 100 colour negative print film, with a mixture of Ilford FP4+ and Kodak Tri-X for black and white, developed in Kodak XTOL, the problems have been developing the negatives with my recently purchased Jobo CPP rotary film processor and expert drum.
After much searching on forums, I bought a lab calibrated thermometer and problem solved, the one I was using was 2.5 degrees out, meaning the colour negatives were getting slightly over developed, resulting in negatives which were proving difficult to scan. I’m also following the Kodak recommended C-41 instructions and not the supplied Rollei digibase ones, which exclude a wash cycle.

September Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter, to give you a closer look at some of the projects I have recently completed.

Photo story about the residents of Bournville after the takeover of Cadbury’s by Kraft, for Inside Housing magazine.

I was commissioned by the Features Editor after he saw my black and white portfolio. The brief was to produce images in the style of 1970’s documentary photographers, and the rain, I think, complemented the style required.

Crown Chambers 10th Birthday party.

Brief from the client was to capture the celebratory atmosphere of the party, and deliver the images (170!) next day for viewing. 

New commercial boiler installation for Worcester Bosch

Image supplied for trade press release. Working in a very tight space, I was required to produce an striking image that ‘stood out’. A couple of small flashes were used to add a bit of blue to help the boilers stand out.

Image for new freight distribution website and brochures.

Once again, working in a very cramped conditions, I photographed the call centre.  I used a simple 3 flash setup, choosing the slightly bleach out the background so the 3 shooting locations would all look the same in the finished brochure.

New MG design centre

A new major investment for MG. After organising the opening pictures, PR images were sent from the design centre to the regional and national press.

Jousting at Warwick Castle

Images supplied for Warwick Castle’s PR and Marketing, who wished to update the current image library. The brief was to capture the emotion and atmosphere of the medieval events during the summer.

I hope you enjoy the images, and that it’s given you an insight into the wide range of commercial, editorial and PR photography I undertake on location for clients in the UK.
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