Photojournalist Steve McCurry

I was commissioned to photograph Steve McCurry last week, the Magnum photographer who took one of the most famous photographs in the word (Afghan girl.)
An exhibition of his work is on until October, in Birmingham museum and art gallery.
Well worth a visit.


Steve McCurry

Photography advice for graduate and student photographers

Many thanks for all the correspondence from students and graduates in the past few weeks.
Unfortunately I haven’t had time to reply to all of you, but to help you with your chosen career here are a few things I wish I’d known before I left photography college.

1 Arrive early, leave late, especially on news jobs
2 Back up, back up, back up
3 You can never have too many spare batteries
4 You can never have too much spare equipment
5 Shoot RAW
6 Keep asking questions
7 Keep listening
8 Don’t take pictures to become famous, your subject is more important than yourself
9 Apple will always find new and better ways to take money off you
10 Adobe will want you to upgrade, at least once a year
11 Don’t be an early adopter of technology
12 Equipment doesn’t make you a photographer
13 IMAP email is better than POP3 if you are a location photographer
14 Never give away your work for nothing
15 If you become a commercial/editorial photographer, learn how to shoot a portrait in 5 minutes
16 Shoot for the market
17 Develop your own style
18 Never stop looking at other photographers work
19 Depending on the job, dress smartly
20 If you are looking for work have all ages in your portfolio, not just your friends.
21 Learn all you can about about copyright and image licensing
22 Make sure your spelling is perfect
23 Never forget, it really is the best job in the world!

Here’s my first ever front page, from the Biddulph Guardian, published whilst I was still a student at art college.


Image used in Inside Housing magazine

Article about improvements to the Newtown district of Birmingham after Beverley’s daughter, Charlene Ellis, died in a gangland shooting in 2003.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Bridge startup scripts not loading

For anyone having problems with Photoshop Bridge CS5 startup scripts not loading I’ve found a solution.
Since purchasing Photoshop CS5 I’ve been unable to produce contact sheets from the output panel in Bridge (it’s been empty.)
Several re-installs of CS5 and a clean install of Snow Leopard didn’t make any difference, several suggestions on the Adobe forums also didn’t work for me.
Solution is to run diskwarrior then rebuild the directory and repair permissions (using the Diskwarrior tab.) I also ran check all files and folders.
Previously I’ve always repaired permissions from disk utility so running repair permissions from Diskwarrior did the trick (may even work by repairing permissions from the OSX startup disc.)
This has also solved the invoke Bridge error message in Photoshop.

Opening of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Patients and staff began their move today to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
Over 500 patients will be relocated this week from the old Selly Oak and QE hospitals.

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