Adobe Photoshop CS5 Bridge startup scripts not loading

For anyone having problems with Photoshop Bridge CS5 startup scripts not loading I’ve found a solution.
Since purchasing Photoshop CS5 I’ve been unable to produce contact sheets from the output panel in Bridge (it’s been empty.)
Several re-installs of CS5 and a clean install of Snow Leopard didn’t make any difference, several suggestions on the Adobe forums also didn’t work for me.
Solution is to run diskwarrior then rebuild the directory and repair permissions (using the Diskwarrior tab.) I also ran check all files and folders.
Previously I’ve always repaired permissions from disk utility so running repair permissions from Diskwarrior did the trick (may even work by repairing permissions from the OSX startup disc.)
This has also solved the invoke Bridge error message in Photoshop.

Opening of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Patients and staff began their move today to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.
Over 500 patients will be relocated this week from the old Selly Oak and QE hospitals.

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June archive picture of the month


In 1993 I had the privilege to spend a few days with the Rev. Andrew Dean in Liverpool for a picture story I was working on. This is one of the images from story I produced.
The story lead onto another project, Ordination (Ordination of women as priests), which was exhibited in Manchester.

2010 10 mile RTTC National championships

After competing today in the Road Time Trials National 10 mile championships I stayed on to watch Michael Hutchinson win again, with a time of 18.37 minutes (average of 32.2mph.)


2nd place went to world track gold medal winner Ed Clancy, recording a time of 19.20 minutes.


Adobe Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Tool

Adobe’s latest version of Photoshop, CS5 was released last week and like most photographers the feature I was most interested in was content aware. The demo from Adobe looked like no more hours of cloning and using the healing brush.
The example I’ve used is a panorama of 7 images stitched together in Photoshop CS5
As always it does a brilliant job but you do loose a bit of top and bottom of the image.

This is a far I could get using the content aware tool, it did a good job of the sky and part of the foreground but it couldn’t cope with the large area of water no matter how many times I tried.

Finished image with water cloned in using the clone tool.
Time taken from start to finish, 5 minutes. The image could do with a lot more work to get it looking perfect but the content aware tool looks like it’s a good starting point for cloning, although not the perfect solution.


May archive picture of the month


The Assay office take a closer look at one of 24 plates silver plates made by Matthew Boulton in the 1700’s. Image taken in 2000 using the first digital camera I used, a Nikon NC2000 which cost approx £12000.