Toyo 45AII 5×4 film camera

Toyo 5×4 field camera mounted with the Nikkor 90mm F4.5

Sorry about the lack of updates in the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with work and shooting a personal project on my new 5×4 camera, a Toyo 45AIIL. (The L means it can use Linhof style lens boards.) It’s not too heavy, has enough bellows extension, via the double extension bed for the majority of uses and importantly, folds up nice and small.
The camera is still in production, so sourcing spares shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
I’ve matched the Toyo with 3 lenses, the wonderfully sharp 90mm Nikkor-SW , a 150mm Schneider APO and a 250mm CM Fujinon-W mounted with a Copal 1 shutter,  which helps to keep the weight down. I’ve also purchased several Fidelity double dark slides and a new Manfrotto 410 geared tripod head, which is probably the best accessory I’ve used (apart from pocket wizards.)

I haven’t shot any film, commercially, since 1999 but after looking at the work of Alex Prager recently I’ve been inspired to revisit some old techniques.
I’ve been using a mixture of Ilford FP4, Kodak Tri-X 320 and Kodak’s new sheet film, Ektar 100. Processing them myself in a recently purchased Jobo CPE rotary film processor. Black and white results so far have been fantastic using XTOL diluted 1:1.
Still haven’t decided how to produce the work yet, book or prints, but looking at proof scans using the Epson V700 with Vuescan I may not produce traditionally printed prints.