Buy Land, they don’t make it anymore

I’ve just uploaded the first images of my new personal project.

Buy land, they don’t make it anymore.

With suitable building land becoming a scarce commodity, there is an ever increasing demand for land to build homes on in the UK, this series of pictures examines where next for existing, and new housing estates.

New housing Birmingham

New Houses Longbridge, Birmingham 2015 ©Edward Moss

Demolition of Central and ATV television studios in Birmingham

For those of us who grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s many hours were spent watching television programmes that were made in the ATV and Central television studios on Broad Street in Birmingham.

Central stopped broadcasting from the site in 1997 when they moved to the current Gas Street studio.
From these buildings some of televisions finest, and not so classic programmes were made, Tiswas, Bullseye, Blockbusters, Supermarket Sweep and of course, Crossroads.

Central TV studios Broad Street Birmingham

Central TV studios Broad Street Birmingham-5×4 Kodak Ektar ©Edward Moss

Central TV studios Broad Street Birmingham

Demolition of the old Central TV studios, Broad Street Birmingham ©Edward Moss

1982 film of the changeover from ATV to a new era of Midlands broadcasting, Central television.

The area will now become part of the Arena Central development.

British Medical Association real doctors

Commission for the BMA,  pictures of Birmingham GP Samir Dawlatly at his surgery and home with his family for a new section on their website, real doctors.


Maternity and research photography

I’ve been supplying pictures to Birmingham Women’s Hospital for a number of years which they use for website, patient leaflets and marketing.
The hospital has a leading role in fertility and medical education, research and development in the UK.