25 years ago, this month I was photographing Monica Lewinsky at Merry Hill in Dudley during her UK book signing tour. She was at the time quite famous for working at the White House with US President Bill Clinton and the political scandal that followed.

Another picture from the session was part of  my winning portfolio for Midlands press photographer of the year award.

Monica Lewinsky Dudley 1999 book signing

Monica Lewinsky, Merry Hill, Dudley book signing in 1999



Great weather this week for the Optometry students who were graduating in London.
All the roads around Westminster were closed due to the state opening of Parliament so had lots of opportunity to shoot in different areas.

optometry students graduate London

Optometry students make their way through Westminster, London

College of Optometry Facebook Gallery

Sorry to see a great local training ground for actors and production teams is ceasing filming in Birmingham after 23 years due to rising production costs. Guardian Story


BBC Doctors-Christopher Timothy pictured with Diane Keen

BBC Doctors-Christopher Timothy pictured with Diane Keen

I photographed the set in Selly Oak, Birmingham a couple of times, firstly in 2004 and then in 2014.
It was great to have photographed the original James Herriot, Christopher Timothy, an actor I spent many hours watching in All creatures great and small on the BBC in the 1970’s.


BBC doctors set

BBC Doctors set

BBC doctors set

BBC Doctors set

BBC doctors set

BBC Doctors set


BBC doctors set

BBC Doctors set

Great weather to photograph the 2023 York College Graduation Ceremony, held in the stunning York Minster.

york college graduation

York College Graduation 2023

More pictures here;

York College Facebook
York Press
York College news

Over 3000 miles travelled and thousands of images supplied to clients all around the UK, the past few months have been really busy for me. Here are a few of my favourite images I’ve taken and had published recently.


A client for over 20 years, Aston University wanted some new images to update their student welfare website.

education photographer

Aston University student welfare


Front cover and inside feature for the BMA’s Doctor magazine.

Magazine photographer

BMA The doctor magazine


Day in St.Helens shooting for DTM Tyre management.

location portrait photographer

DTM Tyre management staff portrait


commercial photographer

DTM Tyre management retreading of a lorry tyre


One of the many images I take for Bellway Homes all over the UK to market their new housing developments. I shoot around 20 locations a year for them.

Rutland water

Rutland Water for Bellway Homes


Roundtable discussion in Birmingham, for Business Insider magazine.

Business meeting

Round table meeting in Birmingham for Business Insider magazine


Portrait of Derbion shopping centre management team

portrait photographer

Derbion shopping centre management portrait

Coming up in the next few weeks , I’m shooting several school and college prospectuses, a VIP visit and refuse lorries around the Bedford area.

Twenty years ago this month, after ten years as a press photographer and around the same time America invaded Iraq, great timing, I left the Birmingham Post to set up my own business.
Below are a few pictures from my first few weeks of working for myself and a further two from recent assignments.


Birmingham freelance photographer

(L-R) Building of the Bullring for City life magazine and Sybil Spence addresses a conference at Birmingham City Council House

michel barnier in coventry

Michel Barnier pictured during his visit to the West Midlands, 2003


Editorial photographer

Dr Huma Latif for the British Medical Association


Training the next generation of lifeguards for the RLSS, Birmingham

Since 2003;

-I’ve sent 324 197 pictures to clients all around the world, which roughly means I’ve shot over 2M pictures.
-Used 7 cameras (2 dropped beyond repair and survived the Canon 1ds mk3 focussing fiasco)
-Used 7 desktop computers (Early Apple ones were overpriced and slow)
-Used 9 laptop computers (Less said about the Apple G4, the better. They could hardly handle processing one RAW file)
-Worked in Downing Street
-Photographed Prince William and Prince Harry during a private visit (Language turned the air blue)
-Supplied photographs for two books on food
-Now using my 4th lighting system, I started with Canon Speedlites (kept overheating and melting them,) Quantum Q-flash (fantastic system, could shoot HSS, which they didn’t advertise, but no product development for years,) Elinchrom (ELB400 and 500’s were great but a pain to carry and set up.) I recently switched, just before the massive price rises last year to Profoto. They are easy and fast to set up, not too heavy and most importantly, suits my style of shooting, HSS up to 1/8000 using electronic shutter.)
-Documented the building of the new QE hospital in Birmingham for the NHS
-Still working for some clients I first shot pictures for in 2003
-Photographed the opening of the Bullring and Selfridges in Birmingham, for Selfridges and the Bullring.
-Shot fashion in Sweden
-Took pictures of  Alan Sugar, according to his PR, “On a good day.” Wouldn’t like to have shot him on a bad day…
-Bought far too many photography books

A big thank you everyone who has supported me since 2003.

Front cover photography for the latest edition of Platform magazine.

Front cover magazine photographer birmingham

Front Cover Aston University Platform magazine

Front cover magazine photographer birmingham

Aston University Platform magazine

Portraits were shot in one the labs at the University. A blue gel on one of the lights helps bring out the subject from the background.

My third front cover this month, the other two can be viewed here and here

Latest copy of the Aston University Alumni “Aston for Life.” Portrait of George Greenhill, owner of Protein Package.

Magazine photography Birmingham

Aston for Life front cover

Shot in a corner of George’s warehouse in Bridgnorth, the original image of him sitting on cardboard boxes was cut-out and placed onto a stock image of a drinks can.