New Elinchrom HS transmitter

Every few years some new equipment comes along that’s worth getting excited about. Since moving from Quantum QFlash to Elinchrom Quadra lighting a couple of years ago I’ve struggled to get a proper solution to shooting above 1/250th outdoors.

Quantum Qflash (X5) worked OK up to 1/8000th with the pilot and co-pilot but Elinchrom didn’t have a good Skyport solution, so I had to use the Pocketwizard flex/mini hack, which wasn’t a very practical solution when shooting on location and was only good up to 1/2000th with the Canon EOS 1DX, and even then it did band towards the lower half of the frame, meaning more post processing.

Last week Elinchrom released their new transmitter, the HS, below is a quick test at 1/5000th at F2.8 using the Quadra hybrid S head.

Elinchrom HS transmitter 1/5000th F2.8

Elinchrom HS transmitter 1/5000th F2.8

Up to 1/8000th I can’t see any banding, looking forward to using it in the next few weeks on location. Another plus is that you can see the flash power output from the camera, less trying to see round corners what each flash is doing.

Well done Elinchrom! Anyone want to buy a Pocketwizard Flex and Mini for Canon?