Sony a9III Profoto B10X

Sony a9 III Global shutter with Profoto B10X flash, problem solved.

I’ve been using the new Sony a9 III since its release in February, replacing my Sony A1 as my main camera. One of the reasons for upgrading was the global shutter, I shoot a lot of images above the camera’s sync speed and have to use HSS, slowing down shooting and also limiting my Profoto B10X Plus’s battery life. I also shoot a lot of conferences and struggle with LED banding meaning I have to shoot with a slower shutter speed than I would like to avoid lines across the images.

Testing the flash with a shutter speed well over the recommended I was getting a problem where every few frames the flash wouldn’t sync and I got a blank frame.

Sony a9 III Profoto B10x flash

Sync problem with Profoto B10 X flash

Shooting on location made the camera/flash combination unreliable to use so I had to convert back to using HSS, which wasn’t ideal when using near full power in bright sunlight

College student photography in Birmingham

Student photography in Birmingham for College prospectus


Profoto support have been faultless, but they couldn’t replicate the problem as the misfiring was random. After many nights of trying everything I could think of, I turned off the Anti-Flicker setting, problem solved, hope this helps if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Looking like I’ll be trading in my B10X plus flashes for the smaller and lighter B10X as I’m rarely using full power, even in bright sunlight.

Sony a9III Profoto B!)X

Hospital consultant shot with Sony a9 III, Sony 35mm F1.4, Profoto B10 X flash.