covid19 ICU doctor NHS

ICU Consultant for the British Medical Association

Covid 19 ICU consultant

West Midlands intensive care consultant Jagtar Pooni

Portrait for the BMA to highlight the stresses ICU doctors are under tackling the greatest challenge the NHS has ever faced. Dr. Jagtar Pooni is on the front line coordinating the NHS response to Covid-19 in the West Midlands.


School PR photography

Photography for Wolverhampton Grammar School

I’ve recently started working for Wolverhampton Grammar School, taking pictures for their magazines, marketing and PR use.

Wolverhampton Grammar School
Wolverhampton Grammar School Alumni magazine

One of my first jobs I shot for them was to photograph the music writers of Horrible Histories at their recording studio in Leamington Spa. Horrible Histories is one of the best programmes on CBBC and this parody of the Smiths is well worth a listen

Blue Stockings poster
Blue Stockings production poster

I’ve also shot all the production and poster photography for the school’s forthcoming production of Blue Stockings, which is on at the school 13th to 15th February.