Engineering Photographer Scotland West Midlands

Refuse lorry manufacturing, Scotland.

Last week I started working with Hillend Engineering, manufacturer and repairer of refuse lorries in Scotland.
Brief was to provide images that could be used on their website, for social media and general marketing material.

I’ve worked in many factories and engineering works  over the years, this one recently had been upgraded to LED lighting which provides very even lighting. Some of the factories earlier in my career were lit by sodium discharge lights which meant everything came out orange,  gels never worked properly. It was quite a relief if I could shoot in black and white.


Engineering Photographer Scotland West Midlands

Engineering Photographer Scotland West Midlands

Engineering Photographer Scotland West Midlands

Engineering Photographer Scotland West Midlands

Engineering Photographer Scotland West Midlands

Client was delighted with the pictures.

“Great images again Ed, thank you. The designer will be ecstatic when she sees them – it makes their job so much more enjoyable!”

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Prospectus photography for Aston University

One of my regular bookings for Aston University, I recently updated their image library for the Pharmacy, Sociology and Optometry courses.
Pictures will be used in the University prospectus and across all social media for the 2021/2022 academic year.

University optometry pharmacy photographer photography

Aston University Optometry


Aston University Optometry


Aston University Pharmacy


Aston University Sociology

I have many years experience shooting health and education images for the NHS and education.
Further examples of my work can be viewed here Freelance photographer

Recent work

Recent work

Really pleased to say work has picked up since the easing of lockdown restrictions and I’m travelling all over the country again, including a trip to Macclesfield in Cheshire where I started my photography career.

Below are some of my recent commissions.

Patient and family accommodation for the NHS

Drama course for York College

Aston University students for Aston Alumni

School Academy, South London.

Financial advisor Coventry

New website and social media images for tyre and fleet management company, Manchester

Cycle training in Sheffield

BMA Doctor April 2021

BMA The Doctor magazine front cover, Macclesfield April 2021

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Front page and feature for the Doctor magazine

Portraits of 2 doctors taken in Bristol earlier this month for the BMA Doctor magazine. Pictures were used to illustrate story about 2 doctors who have been shielding in the past few months.

NHS the doctor magazine

The Doctor magazine front cover September 2020

Full magazine can be read here BMA the doctor magazine
Article here BMA doctor magazine article

Front cover for the BMA Doctor magazine

Delighted again to see my work on the front cover of this weeks BMA Doctor magazine.

BMA doctor magazine photography

Portrait of a mental health doctor to illustrate her experiences of working under the “New normal.”