Advertising and prospectus photography for Walsall College

Advertising photography for Walsall College

Just spent a very enjoyable week shooting new prospectus and advertising images for Walsall College.

The above image will be used for a bus campaign around the West Midlands in the forthcoming few weeks.

More of my school, college and university photography can be viewed here

Photonics photography

Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies

I’ve recently shot lots of new images for the Institute of Photonic Technologies at Aston University,
one of the largest photonics research centres in the UK.

photonics laser research
Researcher with a laser
scientist in a university lab
Scientist looks at samples

The centre researches the science and properties of light, which surprisingly proved to be a bit of a challenge to capture, as the light, or lack of it was very difficult to photograph, I had to compose and focus in pitch black for some of the pictures, use of my phone torch came in very useful.


Review of 2018

  • Aston Business School
    Aston Business School

Some of my favourite pictures taken during a very busy 2018.


Hope everyone has a good Christmas and I look forward to working with you all in 2019.



Commercial Photgrapher

Corporate and PR photography for the Royal Life Saving Society

  • Sea life saving

The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) asked to come in and update all their marketing and advertising material. The images they were using had become very tired and out of date.

Over the last few years I have shot on several beaches and also poolside for them. I’ve also provided a large library of corporate headshots and taken PR photographs to promote some of there open water swims.

The pictures have also extensively been published to promote the RLSS at corporate/national level as well as fronting some of their water safety campaigns.






Advertising and marketing photography for APC Overnight

Some of the pictures I shot to refresh the UK APC Overnight website and marketing material.

Client wanted a bright and natural look to the images, so the lighting was setup to look as near to natural sunlight as possible, whilst the location had to look generic. Bit of a challenge on an overcast industrial estate in Tamworth.

Advertising photographer Birmingham

APC Overnight sales brochure

Advertising photographer Birmingham

APC Overnight sales brochure

Advertising photographer Birmingham

APC Overnight sales brochure

Advertising photographer Birmingham

APC Overnight website

Advertising photographer Birmingham

APC Overnight website

Images are currently used across the APC Overnight website and in their advertising and sales brochures.
This is just one of many commercial and corporate photography clients I supply pictures for in the West Midlands and across the UK.

School photographer

Prospectus and education photography for University, School or College

Some of my current website and prospectus front pages, shot for education establishments around the UK.
I have supplied education images for over 20 years and have provided photography to some Colleges and Universities since 2003. I am used to working with all ages from nursery up to adult learners.
All images can be shot to fit in with your style sheet, or I can advise what would work within brand guidelines. I shoot all images quickly and with the minimum of disruption to classes.

Shenley Academy website front page

nottingham photographer

North Notts College 2018/19 prospects front page

Walsall College website front page

Walsall College website front page

Birmingham college photographer

BMet website front page

Burton and South Derbyshire College

Burton and South Derbyshire College website front page

Aston University MSc

Aston University MSc website

college photography

Walsall College 2018 prospectus front cover

education photography

West Walsall Academy website front page

More of my School, College and University photography can be viewed here
Looking to update your photography for the 2018/9 academic year? Please get in touch for a quote.